MapPocket is an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app.

MapPocket allows you to put online maps in your pocket, so you can use them later without an Internet connection. Saved maps are effortlessly shared between all your devices using iCloud or DropBox. MapPocket supports multiple map providers (Google, Mapquest, Bing and

There are number of reasons why you may want to use MapPocket:

  • if you go abroad and want to avoid roaming charges (while using maps);
  • if you go "into the wild" where, most likely, you will not have any Internet connection (with some cell providers "wild" could mean "just around the corner");
  • if you own an iPad or iPod without a cell data plan and going to wonder into an area without free wifi;
  • and you can save some trees by not printing your maps anymore.

Before you go offline, plan your expedition using an intuitive interface. At any moment touch one button to start recording what you see. MapPocket will remember all tiles you viewed. Once recorded, maps will be available any time without the internet connection.

You can choose maps from one of four providers: Google, Mapquest, Bing or If you go to Paris you may want to choose a "roadmap" view, if you go to the jungles of Amazonia you may prefer a "satellite" view.

Recorded maps are easily shared between all your devices using iCloud or DropBox. You can record a map using convenience of a large iPad's screen and later you can access the same map on your iPhone.

While planning expedition (online), you can use standard search functionality to locate points of interest. Even when offline, you can use built-in GPS to pin-point your exact location on a recorded map.

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